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Geometry Trio (Black)

Geometry Trio (Black)

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"Can do no wrong bundle. Everyone needs fresh new tea towels. Can never have enough.” – Katie 

Seriously, we can’t get enough of this bold, B&W bestselling bundle. So fun, right?


  • Geometry - Tea Towel, 3



A premium line of not-so-ordinary tea towels, bringing artistic and functional freshness to the world of home interiors. Not only beautiful, there tightly woven fabric allows them to absorb a ton of liquid (nearly 7 times their weight!) and dry quickly, meaning you'll have to swap them out less frequently.

 ♺ Made from post-consumer recycled materials.

  • Size:  18" x 30" 
  • Machine washable
  • Single-sided print 
  • Printed in California



Gold + Oak's gift bundles are hand-wrapped and presented in our ivory shred, tissue wrap, and keepsake gift box. Each box is accompanied by a mini-dried floral arrangement tailored to match the bundle's theme.

Each bundle ships as a gift and does not include pricing information.

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